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When you want influence

Spring Comms knows how to influence on all levels and forums: municipality, region, national and EU level or influence on global forums. We have more than 30 years of experience and networks to help you.
We are where decisions are prepared and made. When we serve you with the chosen mix, we are efficient but invisible.

Effective influencing

Effective influencing is trust. It means that parties trust the information given and the suggestions made to them – and that is exactly what we are and what we can do.
Successful influence is communication – either directly or through the media – and that is our core competence, as we ourselves have worked in many domestic and international media.

We have experience advising startups, small and medium-sized and large companies, as well as political decision-makers and various organizations.
Contact me when you have a question or task in mind related to influence.

In the years 2019-2021, we were involved in lobbying and communication in Finland’s 10 billion euro fighter procurement in cooperation with the British defense company BAE Systems, www.baesystems.com

In the background, we have promoted the implementation of the Finnish BioEnergo’s, www.bioenergo.fi, 300 million euro bioconversion plant investment in Pori.

In November 2023, our Estonian customer online manufacturer Fractory, www.fractory.com, received a significant investment in Finland from the new capital investor Kvanted, when the background work had also been done well but discreetly.

Among various organizations, we can mention the Kielilähettiläät, www.kielilahettilaat.fi association, which promotes the study of the Swedish language in Finland. The association, which started from zero, has been a great growth success with our support and it already operates in Sweden in addition to Finland.

And sometimes you also have to take heavy things more lightly In November 2023, we were a partner of Erica Roiko’s Kipinä Event, www.kipinaevent.fi, organizing a sustainable development business-rock event in Levi, Lapland, where the main speaker was Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.

The European Union, NATO and international organizations

In addition to Finland, we know the European Union, NATO and many international organizations with more than 30 years of experience. It means detailed knowledge of organizations such as the European Commission and the Parliament, and personal networks that are immediately at your disposal once we have started working together.

We will get you the information you need or arrange meetings that are necessary for you. We open the doors for you where you belong.

Jyrki Karvinen
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